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Introducing Dr. John Stewart

I want to take a moment to introduce a good friend and Yi Chuan student of mine, Dr. John Stewart. Those of you that attended the Fort Worth either already knew or were introduced to John who assisted me as a training partner throughout the session.

Dr. John & I trained together for years in our younger days in Karate, Kung Fu & Aikijutsu. He met my Teacher, Sifu Cheuk Fung, during a visit to San Francisco one year and we kept in touch during my travels abroad.

Upon returning to the US John and I reconnected and he opted to start on the Yi Chuan journey with me. Because of COVID, much of our early interaction was limited to Zoom sessions. Fortunately, as things improved we have been able to connect on a regular basis, which is very helpful in correcting and improve the large amount of solo training we do in Yi Chuan.

John's skill with Integrated Strength is just starting to bloom. Given a connected frame he can bounce me away easily and his control is improving every day. I have been very encouraged that he has been able to make such rapid progress.

Please keep in mind I can't take all the credit. In addition to being a long practicing Dr. of Chinese Medicine he holds a degree in bio-medical engineering with an electrical engineering minor. A bit of a fitness nut, when he is not doing one-handed pull-ups I have convinced him to become a lab rat for all sorts of exercises and practices that may be coming your way.

I am introducing Dr. John to you for a number of reasons, some may apply to you personally and some not, they are:

  • John's experience in Discovering Integrated Strength is quite fresh. Moreover, being such a fit and strong gym guy gives him unique insight into the fundamental differences for how strength is generated. Of course this experience is interlaced with those years of hard kicking, punching, throwing and ground fighting of all sorts. I encourage you to solicit his point of view as a member of this community.

  • John has already begun to support others taking up this type of training. We are working together to offer support people in and around Fort Worth with in-person events and intensive sessions. Simply put John can offer sage advice and feedback for someone starting on this path and making Fort Worth a hub where the community can gather.

  • John's education and experience as a Dr. of Chinese Medicine brings yet another important perspective for our community. I am his patient and eagerly await the next opportunity for a treatment and we often collaborate on the cross-overs between fighting and healing that become so obvious when you look at self-defense from a holistic perspective.

Personally, I want to thank John for his support, encouragement and willingness to trust me when I am asking him to try something silly. I know he will be making significant contributions in the times to come. Here are a couple clips from Fort Worth:

Testing Strength Explanations & Demonstrations

Standing Review

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