After studying martial arts for many years I was quite perplexed when I crossed hands with my Teacher,  Master Cheuk Fung.  Nothing I had worked on him and he was able to fling me around like a rag doll.  Since then I have dedicated my training to understanding the Yi Chuan method not only for my own sanity but to help others along the path.  Yi Chuan uses the power of intention to wake up a latent ability we all have to use oneness or whole body strength, something I prefer to call Integrated Strength.  The Method helps you to build the disciplined training habit required to freely express Integrated Strength in self defense or anything else while restoring and conditioning your body.  Discover Yi Chuan is the results of decades of daily training and experience teaching others from all walks of life from around the world as I have traveled and lived abroad.  It will continue to evolve as this community of practitioners grows and applies The Method to their own disciplines.