Steve Ehrenreich is an officially sanctioned Yi Chuan teacher with the blessing of Master Cheuk Fung’s school out of San Francisco, California. 


Steve is a Lawyer, Technology Entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer, father and husband living with his family in Houston, Texas. 


IntentionFist offers effective online training to Yi Chuan practitioners around the world with both self-guided programs and live workshop opportunities.


IntentionFist brings the once-secret methods of “Integrated Strength”  (hunyuan strength, oneness strength, internal strength, etc. ) common to internal kung fu lineages to the forefront—demystified and practically applied.


We train external martial arts teachers in application of internal kung fu techniques with the ability to bridge styles like Karate and Jujitsu while also making clear how the restorative aspects of the art can be used by energy, health and fitness focused individuals, trainers and therapists.

In his free time, Steve adventures in fishing, surfing, snowboarding, cooking, hunting, diving, traveling and trying to keep up with his two teenage kids.


Steve’s early martial arts background include blackbelt  achievements in Karate, Kung Fu and Aikijutsu. 


He now enjoys teaching how Yi Chuan’s integrated strength methods can blend with external martial arts and even other sports/arts such as yoga into a One Practice approach that helps people feel and perform better in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue.