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Integrated Strength 4 YOU - New Series

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Steve welcomes you to Integrated Strength 4 U

If you want to get MORE out of your Integrated Strength training, go DEEPER into your physicality, CHALLENGE what you know and let your new experiences change your old thinking.......then you are in the right place!

In this regularly series of articles I will be teaching you my approach to training Integrated Strength and tuning that training to YOUR life & lifestyle.

Specifically we will be doing 3 things in this series:

  1. Helping you to build the practice & training habits necessary to successfully DISCOVER & DEVELOP & APPLY Integrated Strength

  2. Helping you better utilize the growing body of content (articles, teaching videos, guided practice videos, livestreamed training) available to subscribers

  3. Helping to change your thinking so your EXPERIENCES evolve your practice

Something for Everyone

Each article in this regular series will have something for everyone, regardless of where you are at in your training.

Personally, I'm still unpacking thing my Teacher told me many years ago. Often it takes time for the changes in training to manifest as changes in the physical tissues and new ways of expressing strength. Revisiting notes or reviewing old lessons often lead to new revelations, I like to think of it as hearing the same message with new ears. As your diligent practice yields new experiences, those experiences form the context for grasping a deeper aspect of the lesson.

Therefore, I am encouraging all my students, subscribers & followers to subscribe below to be notified of new posts.

My Video Introduction to Integrated Strength 4 U

Here is what I have in mind....

What YOU Need for Success with Integrated Strength

Regardless of your level there are several elements that need to be in balance for your practice to flourish.

First is practice. Developing first a daily formal practice habit and soon thereafter a casual practice habit. We will go into this more later, but the gist of it is that you are working to discover and develop a latent capacity, something that requires getting underneath localized habitual movement patterns not simply rearranging them.

Second is 'Willingness to Experiment' aka an 'Open Mind'. To maximize you TROI (Training Return on Investment) , you will find it very helpful to challenge your assumptions on how this stuff works. In my experience its not only the 'misses' (misunderstandings, misinformation, missing information, etc.) that slow progress but clinging to models that are no longer useful. We will talk more about 'Emptying Your Cup', 'Leaving Your Boat Behind When You Cross the River' , Using 'Many Hands on the Elephant', seeking the 'Is that Is' . 'The Finger Pointing to the Moon' and other parables and anecdotes to make this point as the series progresses. The thing to understand here is that The Method is an experiential learning process designed to reshape your contextual framework.

Third is Application. Your Kung Fu or 'Skill achieved through hard work over time' is not intended to sit on a shelf all day until its dusted off for a short practice session. Part of the 'hard work' is systematically applying your training achievements to your daily activities. Ideally, you want to bring the improved awareness, balance, flexibility, strength, efficiency, fluidity and responsiveness you develop into even mundane activities like walking about town or country, waiting in line or even blogging on the computer. What a shame it would be to leave all those things in the Kung Fu Box and only put them on for the occasional class or kerfuffle?

Almost like fertilizer these three elements need to be proportionally balanced in different stages of training. My job is to help you find the balance for where you are and give you the tools to maximize your TROI.

Have Questions or Need Help?

Contact Me

Do not hesitate to reach out if you need help. You can also easily reach me through the site. Use the Contact page or Live Chat anytime and I will return your message as soon as possible.

Book a personal or Group Check in Session

In fact, I offer a FREE Check In session (30-45 minute private session) to answer your questions, help your re-frame your thinking and get direct feedback on their practice. Its really simple, pick a time for you session here on the site and I will send you a Zoom link for the appropriate time. Of course, If you are planning on visiting Durango or I am visiting your area, we can always make it an in person session!

Follow the Links

In each article I will include links to related articles, training videos and guided practice videos for each lesson. This will allow you to dive a bit deeper on subjects you are interested in without having to navigate the site. Access to some of the content may be limited to subscribers.

Try Some Livestreamed Training!

Each week I conduct livestreamed training sessions listed on my Events page. If you are considering joining please feel free to join into a few sessions and see if the training is right for you.

In addition to the live guided training session I am happy to answer participants questions at the end of the livestreamed session.

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