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Building your Yi Chuan Practice Habit

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

That you practice consistently is just as important and what you practice.

The Yi Chuan Method is about CHANGE:

  • change your structure

  • change your tissues (muscle, bone, sinew)

  • change your relationship with gravity

  • change your relationship with your opponent

  • change your energy flow

Consistency in practice, repeatedly reminding your body of the new movement patterns and your mind of how Integrated Strength works is necessary if you are going to expect results from our training.

In this course we look at 3 aspects of your practice habit:

  1. Formal Practice defined as being an amount of time with your attention dedicated to working on specific exercises.

  2. Freestyle Practice defined as being an amount of time with your attention dedicated to experimenting with routes, orbits & shapes that have been formally practiced for a period of time.

  3. Casual Practice defined as being time dedicated to another activity (not practice) but is being utilized to internalize and normalize routes, orbits and shapes practiced formally and in freestyle mode.

Regardless of your style, I think, this model is useful in understanding how to structure your and evolve your practice. First and foremost is the practice habit. Its one thing tot make Integrated Strength raining part of your life and yet another to make it part of your lifestyle.

There is a huge opportunity here, as we will explore elsewhere, to invest in a Method that will help you remain strong and agile as you grow older while developing and refining a skill that could literally save your life. Yi Chuan is about playing the long game and that game is played in your daily practice.

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