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Being Ridiculous

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

You can learn an exercise, practice it as guided by your instructor until you are happy with it and move on to the next one. Tick. can go at it like a dog with a leg of ham, chewing through the layers until you crack the bone and suck out the marrow.

You see, there is no magic in these exercises. Their value lies in making you aware of and in conscious control of mechanisms you forgot were there. We are literally using them to try and get ourselves out of the box of thinking that obscures what we seek. No more hearsay, no more second hand truth, the point is to immerse oneself in the experience to separate wheat and chaff for yourself and not leave it as someone else's responsibility.

If you are on the marrow path a good validation that you are actually there is the feeling of being ridiculous.

Look at the Health Dance. To an outsider it may look like someone have an epileptic fit while trying to dance hip hop, not refined expression of spontaneous integrated-strength based movement it is intended to be. If you do the Health Dance and don't feel ridiculous then maybe its not the Health Dance.

What I'm trying to say is the ridiculous feeling means your getting out of your comfort zone, getting out of your box. If you want different results you have to train differently. You need to park that automated judgment and pull to conform to the norm.

Be careful that practice does not become the purpose of your practice. In this work there is no award for perfect attendance, good behavior or adherence to tradition. Practice is an exploration, extrapolation, introspection and tool to achieve specific Integrated Strength capabilities.

So from time to time you want to be purposely ridiculous, take an idea, a concept, a route, a technique to its utter extreme. Shake, wiggle and roll in ways that are uncharacteristic of you. Practice on the ground, in the pool or while sliding down the mountain. Make it routine to perturb your practice pattern, to experiment, try stuff on and see if it fits.

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