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Start Training Today!

This is a crash course in building your formal Integrated Strength training sessions.  The goal is to get you going today with 2 or more 10-15 minute practice session per day.  We will be using these sessions to induce new feeling states through focused use of our intent.  This process requires your full attention and therefore shorter, more frequent practice sessions are in order.

Perhaps more important than the practice is the practice habit that must be established if you expect results.  For those of us that already have the daily formal practice habit we focus on optimizing this practice to get the most return on our training investment.

If you need help use the buttons below to attend the next livestreamed training session or book you one-on-one Check In session for personalized instruction.


Training Differently to Get Different Results

The Method we will be employing in our personal practice may be different then what you have done before.  In a nutshell we are using the power of Intent to (re)discover, develop and figure out how to use Integrated Strength or strength rooted in the tensegrity of our frame. 

We will be using what I call Feelizations a great deal and the Feelization process throughout our time training together.  The first part of the Feelization process is to build up our ability to affect our body structure (frame) with your imagination.

For example, if we imagine holding something heavy we want our entire frame to adjust as if it is holding that heavy object.

A Feelization is essentially a hack of our subconscious, rather than intellectually will our various bits and pieces in the proper alignments we trick our subconscious into making them fore us.

In the videos we use a series of Feelizations to align our most fundamental posture, the Natural Stance.  This series of Feelizations cans and should be used as a self-contained practice session for beginners or as and entrée for experienced practitioners.


You can work through each of the feelizations on your own time or sign up for the 14 day Get Started Today program that delivers the content on this page in a progressive fashion.