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The Repetition Traps

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Let me start by stating emphatically that, should you follow this course, you will be doing many, many repetitions of what we refer to as routes in Yi Chuan, our moves so to speak.

So, the first rule in avoiding the repetition trap is learn that you are not avoiding repetitions. Yi Chuan is almost all single movement practice. Forms are merely repeated sequences of typically standardized movements. At the end of the day you can not avoid repetitive practice, its required.

So where is the 'trap' or where are the 'traps' within repetitive training? Here are a few:

Thousands of wrongs don't make it right. If you don't have the right idea underlying an exercise or movement you simply can't get the movement 'right'. Repeatedly training the wrong pattern only leads to an Integrated Strength breakthrough in very rare circumstances.

Sacrificing quality for quantity. More is not necessarily better. Once the quality slips its better to get it back or move on. Continuing repetitions after the quality slips will slide you right into the thousand wrongs category.

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