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The Core Practices of Discover Yi Chuan

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

This article is the second (Article One: The Discover Yi Chuan Journey) in my series outlining a curriculum of sorts for the Discover Yi Chuan Program. We will be exploring a simplified way of looking at the core practices of DYC. The next article in this series will take a look at the core exercises that are applied in these core practices.

Standing the State

Standing the State is likely one of the most well know and least understood Integrated Strength practices. Why? Because its an empty canvas that you can paint whatever you want on. In my experience only a small percentage of people who engage in standing practices actually achieve the Integrated State. One of my goals with DYC is to help re-frame this practice to make accessible to more people.

Setting aside the statistically anomaly of the savant, I think it safe to say that most of us come to this type of training without having achieved the ability to consciously activate the Integrated State. When that is the case the focus of Standing the State should be said activation of our frame aka activating whole body tensegrity.

There is no one right way to Stand the State as the state itself should be in a 'state' of constant evolution. Even passive practice ferrets out details and insights that can be missed during active practice. Specific qualities like tension, relaxation, calmness, focus, presence, awareness, sensitivity, confidence, engagement, etc. can be refined and honed to a sharp edge when specifically focused on. Furthermore, Jam Jong becomes the primary vehicle for internalization, where routes of strength are practice with less and less visible movement until the practitioner is in a calm and relaxed state but brimming with stored strength just waiting to be released.

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