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Practical Practices

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Practicality screens out much of the complexity that could be encountered when assembling our Practice Building Blocks. The Art, if you will, is assembling them so that they not only fit within our lifestyle, they improve it.

Below are some ideas on Practical Practice sessions, ignore the silly names for now as they are working titles:)

Clicking In

Clicking is a great practice if you have no time because it takes no time. Simply Gather yourself and Activate. Maybe it takes a few moments in the beginning but in short order you can reduce it to a twitch. Think of that feeling of waking up suddenly and your senses reach out in all directions until you can hear the cat fart in the next room. Clicking into the nowspace and brining awareness to your whole state of being is obviously valuable for self defense but that is not all:

  • Try Clicking In when entering a new space to check it out

  • Try Clicking In before a handshake to check him/her/they out

  • Try Clicking in before your turn to speak

  • Try Clicking In before opening a door

  • Try Clicking in before typing on the computer

  • Try clicking In before riding your bike

  • Try Clicking in before........?

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