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IS4U - Setting Up Formal Practice

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Student prepares himself for a formal practice session.
Setting up Formal Practice

Part 1 - Opening Your Formal Practice Session

Even if you have been training regularly I recommend spending time optimizing your Formal Practice sessions for better returns on your training investment. (For more information on how Formal Practice fits within our overall training approach see 'The Practice Pyramid')

In this video we look at the first step, opening a formal training session, by reviewing many of the Fundamental Body requirements we utilize to search for and develop our Integrated State. Specifically we look at:

  1. Get ourselves into the Nowspace

  2. Finding related aspects of balance within our frame

  3. Explore relationships within our frame and its interaction with the environment

Head balanced on shoulders balanced on hips.
Vertical Balance

Key Takeaways From this Teaching/Guided Practice Clip

  • Getting into the Nowspace is a skill we should continuously refine each time we open a formal practice session

  • Seek three kinds of balance when entering the Nowspace:

- to be in line with gravity

- in equilibrium between sinking down and stretching up

- in equilibrium between expanding out and pulling in

  • Reviewing fundamental body requirements helps to obviate certain aspects of the frame so they can be more effectively incorporated into the whole

  • Its through increased awareness of our own feeling state that we improve our ability to sense our environment

  • Snapping into the Nowspace when you need to be here is the point of the practice. It can not only be applied to formal training session but helpful in and endeavor where mindfulness is helpful, particularly self-defense.

Related Stuff

Get creative with your own formal practice sessions by designing them to fit within and enhance your daily life. Some ideas for this can be found in 'Practical Practices'.

We are going to be looking at other aspects of formal training in the next few articles, for a preview check out 'Your Practice Building Blocks'.

Before opening your practice with these body awareness Feelizations, feel free to use other tools to set your intention to train. One of my favorite habits and use of a positive cue is to don my martial arts belt. Not only does a belt help me to control my Intra-Abdominal Pressure, but it signals my subconscious that it is time to train. Read more in my article 'Intra Abdominal Pressure in Training'.

Share your experiences!

Use the comment section below to share how you make this practice work for you!

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