In Person Training / Seminar Opportunities

Updated: May 19

COVID not withstanding I tend to travel a bit. This makes for opportunities to meet up personally and/or conduct group training & seminars.

This article outlines my potential travel plans in the coming months. If you or your group are interested in arranging for in-person training please contact me if the dates and locations are of interest to you. More notice is better as it allows me to more effectively plan events and keeps my costs down.

I am available for in-person training at other times and locations as my schedule permits. If you are interested in arranging a visit, just let me know.

Durango, Colorado

Confirmed travel mid June

Fort Worth, Texas

May 21st

Buffalo, NY

Unconfirmed travel in November

Surrey, England

Unconfirmed travel December timeframe

Perth, Western Australia

Unconfirmed travel mid December

Kerrville, Texas (~45 mins from San Antonio, TX)

Ongoing - my parents live in Kerrville and I regularly visit.

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