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Earth & Sky Series - The Legs

As we continue to drill down into the Earth & Sky exercise, I think it is important to point out that the exercise is outwardly simple on purpose. In fact, I think that generalization applies to Yi Chuan as a whole.

The exercises we do are generally simple looking when compared to movements common in other arts. Why?

The relationships we seek to activate, the biomechanics we are studying can be very easily missed. All of us have habitual movement pattens that we seldom think about or challenge. Getting your body to do something that contradicts untold thousands of hours of muscle memory does not need to be made any more complicated with fancy gestures.

Switching Polarity

Once case in point is our legs. We are so conditioned to push we forget that the legs are build to pull as well and adding that pulling back into your footwork will make a huge difference. Below is a clip from a recent live stream talking about this.

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