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Home to a growing community of practitioners using the Yi Chuan Method to improve health, strength & self-defense abilities.

Steve Ehrenreich and his Teacher, Master Cheuk Fung
Shadow on Concrete Wall

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For a limited time I am offering a FREE consultation via Zoom for those interested in joining my 'Discover Yi Chuan' program:

  • Get answers to your questions

  • Learn more about the Yi Chuan Method

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Sunset Martial Arts

Earth & Sky

  • Get in the zone

  • Activate your frame

  • Change the polarity of your step

  • Learn to use 'Feelizations'

  • Learn to 'Clear & Ground'

Image by Matthew Lancaster

Fort Worth Seminar

During a recent seminar in Fort Worth,, Texas we have a number of intensive session including 'Jammin Jong', 'Pounding Ground' and 'Better Baggin'.  Participants got a sample of how The Method can be used in a variety of training scenarios.

Read my write up and watch videos of the event here.


About IntentionFist

IntentionFist is my training site, that helps me support my students in their journey with the Yi Chuan Method.

Learn more about my background and approach and how I can help you Discover, Develop & Apply Integrated Strength to martial arts & health restoration.

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There is much more to Yi Chuan's standing practice than meets the eye.


Strengthen your Intent and build Integrated Strength with Tree Wrestling