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Welcome to my Yi Chuan Kung Fu training site.  Here you can access Yi Chuan training materials, including Teaching Videos, Guided Practice Sessions, in depth Articles and Live Training opportunities. 

My subscribers, students and I are using the Yi Chuan Method to restore and maintain our health while developing Integrated Strength for self-defense, healing and personal development.  We understand that Yi Chuan is but a modern name for an ancient methodology to awaken and make useful this potential that lies dormant in us all.

Helping you to Discover, Develop and Apply integrated strength in a way that improves and enhances your lifestyle is the purpose of IntentionFist.  Training materials are available on demand so you can train on your schedule.  Live teaching and guided practice sessions will challenge you to  build a better personal practice.  Local seminars are also available so you can get personal interaction with me and other Yi Chuan practitioners.

If you want to keep up with what's going on in the IntentionFist community just fill out the form below to be added to our list.  You will get notifications of new content and training opportunities as they become available.

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Get the MOST out of your valuable TRAINING time by booking a check-in session with me.  During our live stream I will help you assess your progress, give you corrections on exercises you are working on and answer question you may have about your training.  New and prospective members get their first Check In for free and Discover Yi Chuan members enjoy discounts on Check Ins, Private Intensives and In-Person Seminars.

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