Discover, Develop & Apply Integrated Strength

Intention Fist is a growing community of practitioners utilizing the Yi Chuan Method to discover, develop and apply Integrated Strength for Self-Defense & Healing


Discover Yi Chuan

Discover Yi Chuan is a program I have developed over many years to help my students Discover, Develop and Apply Integrated Strength. 


In my experience, earnest students are often beleaguered by missing or misleading information that can result in endless hours of ineffective practice.  This program not only addresses those problems but gives you the tools to transform your daily practice and integrate that transformation into your daily life. 


DYC focuses on experiential learning through creative use of Intent.  Intent taps the power of our subconscious mind to activate our body's Tensegrity and bring it under conscious control.   Control over the Integrated Strength of the whole body is then developed using a system of exercises and Testing Strength feedback tools so that it can become functional.  

If you have struggled to find Integrated Strength in your practice, regardless of style, DYC may be able to help.  


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  • Monday DYC Live
    Monday DYC Live
    DYC Live Training + Q&A
    Aug 02, 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM CDT
    DYC Live Training + Q&A
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